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Vicki and Chris met in 2010 and instantly became friends. Vicki was a writer with dreams of publishing a children’s book, Chris was an artist with dreams of illustrating for a living. The perfect match! She shared Sasha’s story with him, he enrolled in art school, and they began creating The Furry Princess, meeting in person weekly which became known as #TigerTuesday. After years of collaboration, determination, and hard work, The Furry Princess was published in 2018.



Vicki Crain

Vicki Crain is a freelance writer who received her B.A. in English from University of Illinois (Springfield). As a former dancer and teacher, she has translated her love of dance into a career as an arts and culture writer and children’s book author. Her publishing company - Qua Publishing LLC - launched in 2023. She lives in Chicago with her dog, Mabel.



Christopher Scott Bell

Christopher Scott Bell is a freelance illustrator who received his B.A. in Illustration from the American Academy of Art, Chicago. Chris has been an artist his entire life, but collaborating on The Furry Princess has been the catalyst to pursue his love of illustration as a career. He lives happily with his husband, cat Lily, and 15 chickens in Ocean Park, Washington.

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